Kenmore Hotel

Kenmore Hotel Restaurant

Kenmore, Loch Tay, Scotland.
01887 830 205

Immerse yourself in the tranquillity that Kenmore offers. Enjoy unrivalled panoramic vistas of the River Tay and surrounding countryside from The Taymouth Restaurant or choose to dine in the Boar’s Head bar. Both feature an elegant terrace where, when the weather allows, you can experience fabulous al fresco dining.

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    Dine in the contemporary surroundings of our Taymouth Restaurant and enjoy high quality locally-sourced produce, infused with ingenious touches, offering delicious dishes with unexpected flair.

    We’ve been experimenting with lots of different dishes to deliver an amazing new menu, packed with the freshest meat and fish and seasonal ingredients; plus we’ve got some really unusual flavour combinations which are just fantastic.

    Our kitchen features an Inka Grill, a charcoal oven and grill of Spanish origin, guaranteeing that whatever your choice of meat, fish and vegetables, they will be grilled swiftly and perfectly – creating unrivalled flavours! The outstanding menu is matched by an extensive drinks list, featuring wines, champagnes, ports and cognacs to suit any occasion.

    Or perhaps you’d prefer to relax with coffee and liqueurs in the lounge or find a cozy spot in the Poet’s Bar, a traditional Highland bar featuring an open fire, perfect on a chilly evening. With its comfy chairs and cosy ambience, there’s nowhere better to enjoy one of their many fine Scottish malt whiskies and enjoy time with your friends or family. The bar also features a wide selection of draught beers and locally-brewed real ales on tap.


    Located on the eastern shore of Loch Tay in the village of Kenmore, The Kenmore Hotel Restaurant is situated in the most idyllic country setting which is perfect for lunch or dinner all year round.

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    There are a wide range of activities and things to do at Loch Tay. You can walk, cycle and travel around the countryside to your heart’s content. In the winter you can even explore the wilderness and discover the wildlife that inhabit the mountain tops. As well as enjoying your time on land, you can also get on the water and explore the beauty of Loch Tay.

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    Relax in your own luxurious lodge on the shores of Loch Tay. Indulge yourself in natures own Scottish beauty while you surround yourself with stunning highland wilderness and wildlife.

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